{ Fav Finds } Adult back to school shopping.

Picture 8

I realized today that with all the back to school shopping I have done with the girls, I hadn’t picked anything up and I am hurting for fall clothes.  So, I hit a few stores, then Fossil and ended up at Buckle, which had the cutest clothes I have seen in a long time. I spent way more in there than I had planned, and could have spend a lot more.  I realize I must have had a “thing” for fall and plaid, because I was grabbing everything with plaid on it.  The above shirt is from BUckle, as well as the one below.

Picture 13Picture 17

I love the cute back on the one above.

Picture 21

This one is from Fossil and is so much cuter than this picture.  The scarf needs to go and it is much cuter untucked.

I had to special order this one from Buckle, … they did not have my size.  Hope it fits.

Picture 18

I also got another one of my favorite T-shirts from Fossil that was on clearance, $10.00 off.  I am addicted to them … they are so soft.  I think this makes my fourth one in their 60/40 cotton style.  They stretch out a little … but they feel so buttery smooth and comfy.  I was bummed they didn’t have anymore on the table.  They are my everyday “work” shirts.


One thought on “{ Fav Finds } Adult back to school shopping.

  1. Mel says:

    lol That’s so funny – I went back-to-school shopping for my two today, and came back with a gorgeous dress, hat and scarf for myself! It’s only fair 😉 Loving that black and white number in particular. Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle’s – thanks for visiting me, and for your kind comments! See you in class 😉

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