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These are some pages from Tim Walker, the photographer’s idea notebook that I find so inspiring.  I am not positive of the source, but there is a huge FLICKR group that has tons of clipping of his work. I just think he is so inspiring.  I just love looking at other peoples idea books, how they combine magazine clippings, drawings, photos.  I have been keeping different idea books since I was a teenager, but I think lately I have been trying to overanalzye them too much.  Thinking they need to be all categorized so I can find things, but when I look at this book and others I realize — maybe I should just combine the various clippings all into one and not think try to be so organized and compartmentalized.


photo by Katie Licht on Flickr


Photo by Hangtightstudios

One of my favorite flickr streams of idea books is that of Heather at Hangtightstudios.  I could just look through her book for hours. She has such an amazing eye. If you want to be inspired to keep all the clippings you come across, go check some of the links out.

If you know of any other cool links, please leave it below!


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