{ Books }: For my reading pleasure …

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Today has been kind of a stressful day.  So, I decided to cash in my big coin jar and pick up some books I had in my cart for a while.  The first is a book on blogging by Tara Frey.  I “met” Tara a few years ago online when I designed her web banner, and now look… she has a book about blogs.  I think that is so cool.  She sent me a care package once and it was the most beautifully wrapped and presented box.  I can’t wait to see her book.

The second is the 1000 journal project book.  I had seen clips from the movie (which I would also love to buy) and have wanting to get the book forever!  I think it is the most intriguing idea to have put all the journals around for people to pick up and leave for others.  I would be so thrilled to stumble across something like that.  I have recently seen another blogger doing something similar, but … of course, I can’t recall at the moment who it was.   The 1000 journals people  have subsequently started a new site, called 10001journals with all new journals and places you can sign up for one or just upload your own art journal.  I hope to have some time on the labor day weekend to browse through them and be inspired.

My books should come Friday, so I hope to spend some time reading over the long weekend when I return from Atlanta.


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