{ Travel } Mod accomodations … at the Artmore


This weekend while out on a college tour adventure, we stayed at a newly redone hotel called the Artmore in Atlanta.  They describe themselves as:

An independent boutique hotel, the Artmore prides itself on delivering a personalized guest experience, not previously seen in Atlanta.

It is a 1924 building done in Spanish-Mediteraen style with a really cool courtyard.  We loved the room, it was a double full bed room with its own little kitchenette and nice bathroom.  Decorated in a “mod” style with old movie star photos and comfy beds.  It was a fun, unique place to stay and the girls loved it.  The only downfall was that they have techno music playing in the courtyard and while it was cool in the background as we hung out in the courtyard talking,…. it wasn’t so great at 11:30 when all we wanted to do was sleep.  We had an interior courtyard facing room.  Thankfully, they shut it off at midnight.  I would definitely stay again, though, I would request an exterior room.


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