{ Favorite Finds } Not your mother’s nano.

Picture 8

Yep, I am the only person in our family that still has their first generation I-pod.  Mine is a (I think) third version of the I-pod Nano from I think about 2004 or 2005.  It has a whopping 2 GB memory.  In Ipod terms, its a relic.  Yet, I love it because unlike the other ipods, its little, its perfect to workout with, and its easy to take with you.  So when I saw all the bells and whistles the new Nano is going to have… for the first time I am actually thinking of trading mine in.   Go check out all it can do in that small package.  If the video camera wasn’t enough of a sell, it also has a pedometer, which I think is cool because I am already using mine with the Nike+ feature to work out.  It even has an FM stereo.  Not that radio is any good anymore, but… sometimes you need to know what is happening in your area/weather/etc.  and I don’t even have  a radio in my house except in the girls rooms.  I know what I am going to ask Santa for this year.


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