{ Home Decor } …put away the debit card.


So, this past week I have been on a week-long in town vacation.  Packing for our move, bargain shopping for the new, and all around spending way too much money.   My first amazing purchase, was in Ikea.  I came across the As -is room… a place I didn’t even know they had and found this wonderful dresser.  There is a crack in one of the drawers in mine and some screws that show up in another, but nothing I can’t live with.  Original Price: $300.  My Price: $39.  Its a deep charcoal color.070G-FM

Next, a trip to the neighborhood Goodwill produced a similar gilded mirror to the one above, which is exactly what my daughter wanted for her room for a mere $19.99.  Love it.

Finally today a trip to my favorite mall in town with both Urban Outfitters, and probably the biggest Anthropologie I have been in…. was also productive.  Urban Outfitters is having a half off sale on these beauties.  Ours had two sizes (I only see the smaller size online), one is about 24 inches round and is a floor cushion, and the other in a similar color was 16 inches.   They were both on sale for only $20.  They are done in velvet.  I noticed online they had a lot more colors than our store did.  Its also as comfy as it looks.

Picture 62

My only full price purchase for the house, was this dish towel from Anthropologie.  (though interestingly, in my wish list online it was $24, but in the store it was only $18). This is going to be the color of the first floor of our new house.  Charcoal gray, teal, chartruese green (my signature color), yellow, and black. I am not real sure about using navy, but… it does look good with the scheme.

Picture 63


One thought on “{ Home Decor } …put away the debit card.

  1. Christie Parker says:

    Looks like a few good deals. Have you tried http://www.bidtopia.com yet? I have been redoing our house and got some fantastic light fixtures to replace the crappy 1980’s ones that were in there. Its an auction site, but so far has been worth my wait. I am getting %50 to %80 off retail! Good luck 🙂

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