{ Home Decor: Chalk it up to …not happening.

Picture 52

I finally got around to calling a local dealer of these doors.  Guess I had no idea how much doors cost, because these babies are (for the full chalk one) $350 a piece and he said that was not prehung, …whatever that means.  I got on to Lowes and they didn’t even show any hollow wood doors.  Home depot — had some just hollow wood doors with no panels that run about 70$.  I was really wanting to use something like this on our pantry door to make menus, keep up with family messages, etc, because we really do not have any full solid walls in our kitchen in this house.  So my thought is that perhaps I will buy one of those doors and then:

  1. Just paint a whole door in chalk paint.
  2. I could stain the door a similar color to the cabinets on the outside and the using molding separate off an interior area that would have the chalkboard.  That would probably make the whole project about $90 dollars.  Here is an example of a hollow wood door with added molding.


photo source unknown.


I guess doing something like this in the dining room is an option, but I was really hoping to have it right on the pantry to help keep track of things.  Check back to see how it all pans out.

We close Friday at 9:30…finally got the final approval.  So exciting.  I am looking forward to sharing on the blog how we take a builders basic home and transform it into our own.  We came in late in the build, so the only thing I got to chose… was the color (so small a difference I could hardly tell) of the carpet from beige…to a bit lighter beige.

This is the door I am thinking of replacing…. hmmmm… I just renoticed the panels, I wonder if there would be anyway to paint that door and make it look good in chalkboard paint.  I was worried it just wasn’t the right texture.



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