{ Classes } Going back to e.school …

There are so many classes I am hoping to take this winter.  Granted, I haven’t been too good keeping up with the ones I have taken this fall, but I hope that since we are now moved into the new house, I can settle in more.


I think this class would be a blast.  Hosted by Elsie and Leigh-Ann.  More info still to come on when and how much that one will be.


Blogging your Way from Decor8 — registration to be announced in December.


* A list of things that you may want to include on your blog

* Finding your niche & your voice

* Writing from the heart

* Creative post ideas

* Overcoming fear & writer’s block

* Sourcing your content – how and where

* Photo copyright

* Establishing relationships with other bloggers

* How to build your readership

* Dealing with negativity

* Creative tips for marketing your blog

My main goal with my blogging is mainly to preserve my memories and inspiration I find on the web, but I am having a hard time narrowing down what all the include and I think a class to help focus would be great.


Lastly, Holidays in Hand is a free holiday class by Jessica Sprague.  I think you can still sign up for it.


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