{ Crafty Holidays } Being crafty with wrappings gifts

This Christmas I have been so inspired by all the craftiness and homemade gifts out there.  The garlands I have seen online are so adorable, so I broke out my sewing machine and tried to make one.  Here are some examples from Etsy:

via: anastasiajaminhomes

from: Kristinamarie

Although I didn’t finish the garland, I used a little of it on a gift for my sister. The circles go all around the whole box.   I absolutely LOVE this black brocade wrapping paper. I found it at target, and although black is an odd christmas wrapping color, … I thought I would give it a whirl this holiday along with the black and white snowflake paper, and then I have a turquoise brocade which is not shown in this picture.  We have a white tree, … and we decided to try some black ornaments along with our chartruese and turquoise we have on it right now.

I had bought some felt (which must have been the hot crafting item as it was almost sold out of the 8 x 11 sheets in Hobby Lobby)… I just strung some together with needle and thread and then made a bigger flower to go on top.

When my girl friend came by last night she looked at the gifts I had done under the tree and asked me if I was inspired by Anthropologie’s christmas wrapping this year.  I told her I hadn’t seen it yet, but later that night I went to find a picture of it online.  I think I will definitely try this on my next gift.


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