{ Thoughts } Welcome 2010 ….

Welcome 2010…. I always feel that the beginning of a new year wipes everything clean and lets us start with a clean slate.  Anything you  may not have accomplished in the last year is forgotten and you can set your sites on fresh, new things.

So, I am spending my free time today working on a goals book for the new year.  A keeping place for all my goals, ideas, and inspiring articles and things I come across.  I downloaded this workbook to try to give myself some focus, Workbook and Planner.   And although the whole goddess thing, really isn’t something I believe in … the workbook is fantastic for getting your thoughts in order.  The pages are illustrated and cheerful… I printed them out and pasted them into a moleskine, along with some other goal worksheets I found on the internet.

So, happy new year to you all.  This was my favorite new years eve/day song that I came across this year on Itunes.  Enjoy. (sorry I have not figured out how to embed songs yet.)

My Dear Acquaintance by Regina Spektor

image source (1)


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