{ Crafty } How to make my journal? …

Image: pam garrison

These pages by Pam Garrison is so inspiring.  Its for the Remains of the Day Class I am taking as well.  I just love all the bits of emphema all put together, and she uses such unique items in hers. I love the Mr. Roboto knitting… so cute.

My progress on my books has been slow.  I did the initial cover, but realized I made it way too tall for most paper sizes. So, I abandoned ship on that one.  I need to give it another go using the correct sized height.  (you can see my cover of my book a few posts back.)

Here is my problem… I am not much of a journaler. Though I love preserving memories and thoughts, … it also freaks me out that they are preserved forever on paper.  If I am having a bad day and sound like a crabby mess… I would just assume not want that published (even though I know that is part of who I am, who we all are, …bad days are part of life).  I also will admit it… I am getting more OCD with age and with this recent move I realized that I have 26 … yep 26 … scrapbooks from my scrappin days.  Here is the dilemma…. I have no where to store them all.  So, the idea of adding tons of journals is kind of making me… nervous.  Do I want to commit to another art form that takes up space?  The crafty side of me is saying — ummm yeah, paper is so much more fun than digital.  The other side is saying … do your journaling in a digitally made book.  You can print them out, getting matching hard covers and they will all look nice and neat.

I am torn… and I find myself trying to find a way to mix the style of the books, like above, but made in a digital way.  Will keep you posted what I come up with.

However, … I do keep a lot of idea journals, mostly just pasted in pages from magazines, but… I am trying to see if maybe I can give them a more crafty flair. Hoping what will appease the crafty side of me that doesn’t get to play much anymore.  I will do a post with some pictures of that book soon.

Does anyone else out there love to journal — but stress about the storage of them all?


One thought on “{ Crafty } How to make my journal? …

  1. monique says:


    Hre’s an idea that I learned on the internet. I use it when I am not sure if IO wa nt to keep the page as it is at the moment. It’s stapling instead of gluing. Thhis would allow yo to come back few weeks laters and removee some or may pages. Only those that are what I want. Aso staples are more solid than those you have hogpog.

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