{ Favorite finds } …crushes this weekend.

This frame (yep frame — normally I see this as a mirror) from Ikea.  Its huge almost 30 inches tall with filigree.  And only … are you ready … 24.99.

Trying to picture if I would like it over the fireplace, with some wallpaper in the framed in area the builder put up.  Below is how they have the model house family room done.  To me it looks like they have almost added a second outline of moulding to the area, then painted the walls around it and left it white. I think I am liking that idea as it makes the fireplace look more substantial.  …that ceiling fan though,…ugh.  All the rest of the furnishing are contemporary than that wood-toned ceiling fan? And its doesn’t even match the wood floor below.  I am not feeling the love on that idea. I think we will probably do a white bladed one with polished nickle hardware/light/drop pole.

More crushes, these curtains from anthropologie that are sooooo amazing closeup, but… the price tag reflects that.  The green details is done in crewelwork.  I am hoping they go on sale.

I bought one of the curtains below to see what I think of them in the family room above.  They are on sale at anthro and much more reasonable.  If the above ones go on sale I could see using them in the spring/summer and switching to these in the fall winter, as they are velvet.

Lastly, really fun, inspired bar carts and consoles.  I have just started working on decking ours out, so far all I have is a bottle of Baileys, and I bought a 4-pack of perrier lime for the perfectly green bottles.  Will post a picture when I get it more completed.


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