{ DIY/ Home Decor } Paint it black…

I can’t recall when I decided that I wanted to paint the door in our new house black.  Even though I have searched and haven’t been able to find a pictures in my styles files, I know I had come across one at one time that inspired me to take this plunge.  So this weekend, when I knew we were probably going to get snowed in, I decide to “just do it”.  I had mentioned it to my family and they didn’t really see the vision, but… I figured, if it turned out bad I could always paint over it.   Originally, I went out and just bought high gloss black stock paint, but when I took a few minutes to google painting doors on the internet, I noticed more than one reference to a color called “French Bulldog Black”.  I got curious, from hearing their description of it and decided to return my plain glossy black and go check this color out at Lowes.  Once at Lowes, I looked around for a few minutes, but then decided to have the paint guy look up the paint color for me.  I felt kind of silly just handing him over this random paint color name, but after some searching they found that it was a Martha Stewart color (so serendipitous as I have always loved her paint line colors).  He looked at it and said, “oh, it just has three shots of black”.  Basically, its what you would call a “soft black”.  I got it in a high gloss.

Here is one photo example using it:

Posted on Hubpages by Otter517. She did a hallway with I think six doors.  I think it is stunning.  If you scroll to the end of her post, you can see all her photos.

Source/article: Here.

I love how this room’s mouldings and casings are done, but that is such a huge commitment and since we already have black furniture, I didn’t want to go that far.    The door I wanted to paint was the entry way door that leads into a long hallway/foyer in our house that ends in the family room area.

In this photo you can see the door mid painting. (pardon the mess and lousy cell phone camera image).

It took a few coats of the paint to cover the white.  We kept letting it dry, then touching it up again.  We used a brush to cut out the edges and paint in all the panels and then a roller over the whole thing.

My thought for doing the door black was to somehow link the hallway with the family room which has black furniture in it, black curtain rods, black holdbacks.   I have never had a foyer this large before, or really ever, so… it is going to be fun to shop for furniture to fill it up.  Its about 8 feet or so across.  I call it a southern foyer, because it looks like it should have one of those round tables in the middle with flowers or something.  I like how the color bring more attention to the transom and draws your eye down the hallway.

I wish I had furniture to show a more styled “after” photo, but for now this will have to do.


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