{ Home Decor } I am in love with this new-retro goodie.

I went into to Marshalls, where I had passed on this lamp last week because although it had the metallic look to accent my mercury glass, … it just didn’t seem to have enough character.  Now I am so glad I waited.  I walked in and there was this beauty, in all its retro, Anthropologie glory.  I literally kept a hand on it the whole time I was deciding/texting for a friends thoughts, afraid someone else would grab it.  I didn’t realize till just recently how fast the stock changes and moves in Marshalls in some departments.  My mom has told me stories of haunting TJMaxx to decorate her house, so I guess I should have had an idea.

Anyway, I had always love the Indian looking cord lights in Anthropologie that had this melon shape.  I had stalked them in the store waiting for them to go on sale, but never got one.  I wish I could find a photo of one, its driving me nuts to compare the two.

You know you love something in Marshalls when you will wait in a 10-11 person long line to check out while holding your coveted purchase because it won’t fit in a cart. The shade was too big.

At some point, I need to try to move the shade seam, but this is where it now resides, and it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door right now. Again, my apologies for the Droid cell phone picture.  Do you think people will know its new?  Or that perhaps I found it in some flea market/tag sale.  It looks like something straight out of a 70s photo to me.


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