{ Home Decor } Another serendipitous find….

Remember, the lamp I bought last week at Marshalls?

Today I dropped in because I needed to go by next door to Staples and pick up a new wireless router, since ours has recently decided to discontinue working (I bought the Linksys WRT120N and it is working fabulously). So, although finding something more for the house was not on my agenda after my spending spree last week,  I figured I would just look around before heading to lunch.  As I was walking out I spotted another new display (I am quite pleased to find a new one weekly it seems).  On it were all these brightly colored lanterns with rod iron fixings.  Perfect for outside on our deck, which coincidentally comes right off the family room in which my lamp is housed.  They are both in the same hue of colored aqua glass.  I just love how it looks and can’t wait to try it out lit … on I hope soon… a warm spring evening.  Will winter EVER end?

I noticed, it was the only one of this color that was left.  Good thing as I am sure I would have been trying to convince myself that two is better than one.  They had a lot of really unique versions of this one.  It seems very sturdy and I think that it could probably be hung from a rod iron hook on the side of the house.  Its a bit difficult to get the candle inside of it and probably to light it, but… I still love it.


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