{ Favorite Finds } …. so sad at my loss.

photo: Eddie Ross on Twitter

I had seen this really fun domed cake stand on Eddie Ross’s twitter and really wanted to treat myself to one to encourage myself to bake more cakes.  I headed over to homegoods and didn’t find this one immediately, but looked on a random shelf and there was one, similar, but it was 19.99.  So, I carefully put it in my cart along with my gardening shears and a cute glass piggy bank… I have always wanted one of those.  Take it to the check out and watch as the lady wraps them so carefully and hands them to me.  I take the cart out and pull the bags out of the  cart (while staring at the obnoxious Mercedes that parked on top of me)…. the two bags hit one another and smash… the bottom of the cake stand was ruined.

… I know what you are thinking… I considered going back in and asking if they would replace it, even though it was my fault, but… that was the only one like it.

I was so sad and upset with myself, I grabbed some take out and went home.   The dome part is still in good condition, so I guess I will just keep a look out for a cool charger or thrifted stand to go underneath it.  Its larger than my other cake stand I found … must by 12 inches instead of 10 or 8.I was hoping it would fit, since that was thrifted with no top.

Needless to say I am really bummed.


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