{ Favorite Finds } … Visiting Teavana

After reading about Teavana on another blog (sorry now I can’t recall which one), I went and visited their website. I was all ready to order online when I realized they have a store right near me that I never even knew was there.  So, on my day off I trekked down to that mall to check it out.  I am not sure how I never noticed it except that I really don’t go in that section of the mall.  They give out free tea samples, so I know I would have stopped.  When you walk in you are greeted with this big colorful wall of canisters as above.  I am thankful I already had an idea what I wanted because it would have been overwhelming.  The guy working there ended up showing me around the store and in the end I decided on the pretty aqua teapot you see below.  I already knew I wanted the chai/chai blend, which happened to be what they were serving at the front of the store, so that was an easy choice.   For my other choices I was looking for something that was good iced.  I went on the guy’s recommendations and ended up with superfruit unity and a emerald bamboo forest.  I don’t think I care that much for the emerald bamboo, but the superfruit one is a good fruity tea.  I like my tea stronger..so I think I will mix that with a black tea, for more of a flavor to my liking.    The chai/chai blend they say is one of their most popular and I definitely see why.  The White Ayurvedic Chai is great alone before bed because it is low caffeine.  Together, they are a great way to wake up.

If you have a store nearby i would definitely suggest stopping in,…or go by the online site, which is really great in explaining each tea.   I also grabbed a bag of the rock salt they use to sweeten the tea. My next purchase will be some really fun tea tins… and of course, as soon as I came home I filled my shopping cart online with all the ones I would love to try next.


One thought on “{ Favorite Finds } … Visiting Teavana

  1. izziedarling says:

    I didn’t know they had a website! I love Teavana, but the woman who runs it in my area is snarky and scary and most unwelcoming; must drink witches brew. Thanks for the info.

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