{ Favorite Finds } …its almost Friday!!

Things I hope to do on my days off this weekend:

1.  Make a little succulent garden.  I found some in Home Depot I want to go back and get along with a big terra cotta bowl similar to this.

2.  Stop by a local nursery and see how much their design service costs to help us plan our new back yard.  I have any idea what I want, just need help in knowing what can grow in what light, soil, etc.

3.  Drop by Target(s) and check out what is left of the Liberty of London line.  I completely forgot it came out earlier this week and now everything is almost sold out both online and in stores.

4.  Watch these movies …

5.  Finish our Taxes — boring, but necessary.

6.   Buy a few more herbs and plan in the terracotta pots I bought earlier this week (pix to come).

7.  Relax, catch up on some blogs, work in my journal, and try to read some of the magazines that are piling up.


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