{ Gardening } Then and now….

Remember this…

About 17 days later its now this…

Though, the kitties found the cat grass and started nibbling it back.  The tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are growing the best it looks like.  The cilantro didn’t take well at all (good thing I bought two plants already).  The spinach isn’t doing to well either, but I am thinking, it got a bit munched on by the kitties.  I think probably go out and buy another little greenhouse and start the leftover seeds.

We, however, have been waiting for the company that put in our irrigation to come back and show us how to use it and … where the spray heads are.  Since we got the house in October and it took the city till December or January to do our water hookup, we have never been able to use the irrigation system and therefore, I have no idea where the heads are.  We need to know so we can start planning our raised beds. I have to have somewhere to put all these beauties!!  They currently aren’t returning the builder or my call.  Guess I will call the builder tomorrow and find out what is going on.

I think we might get new neighbors in the house that finally sold next door this weekend. There has been a lot of activity lately over there with the trades.


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