{ Thoughts } Spring…where did you go?

Here we are on day 3 of my vacation — spring break in the carolinas — and its 80s out.  It feels like we fast-forwarded straight to summer.   This is the front of our house where I randomly planted some tulips when we moved in this fall.  Sorry for the cell phone picture. I need to go out this evening and take some with the real camera before they start to loose their petals. I have two more groupings of them that haven’t opened yet, I am excited to see what colors they turn out to be.   Tulips are the one flower that never fails me and I love them for that.  You can have a black thumb and not ruin tulips, as long as you get the right ended pointed up!  Even then they seem to fine a way to grow sideways and come out.

Most of  vacation has been focused on the yard.  I think I have a “problem”  … I can’t stop buying plants and bulbs.  Oh well, at least most of them are perennials and we will always have them so its an investment.

This is the view out our master bedroom window… I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to have a nice yard.  (though we can’t take the credit, it came with the house…one of their selling points… and it worked, its probably one of my favorite things).  This is the left side.

The little white lines are from the garden designer guy when he came out to talk to us.  Reminds me of a golf course …  The hill on the top left is the area we have been trying to clean up and get weeded.  I found a great deal on Fragrant Tea Olive bushes. I had read about them online and they were supposed to be the most amazing smelling bushes that many people recall the scent from their childhood.

I had never heard of them, but … might be since I grew up in the midwest.  So, when I came across some really nice sized ones today in Lowes…. I grabbed them.  Five of them, to put up on the top of that hill as a hedge to block out the view of the neighbor behind us. (A whole other story).   Supposedly when the wind blows through them you can smell them from far away just wafting through the air.  I love that they have white flowers since there is already a lot of white flowering things on that hill.  I would really love to almost give that hill a moon garden theme and keep it all white flowers and dark foliage so it night it lights up.

Hoping to get out tonight and work on it some more once it cools down.


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