{ Home Decor } …latest Ikea favorites for summer

Photos: from camera phone, sorry if they are a bit blurry.

I haven’t been to Ikea since around January, so I decided to stop in this past weekend.  WOW…. I was loving all of the outdoor furniture and accessories.  This Karlso umbrella is almost 10 feet wide and has a tiny price tag of $149 dollars.  It also comes in black.  And you can get this cool mosquito netting.

Aren’t those parquet decking squares cool? Now I am wishing I had a cement deck to cover!

They also have a line of furniture with these great wooded slats.  I really wanted everything in the collection, but particularly like this  bar cart.

Look at the cute wood covers on the wheels of this chaise.

I think the tags say the two seater is 79.99 and the chair is 49.99.  I think the pads for these are super cheap too.

This table was so cool.  It could fold out as you see it, but you could also drop one leafs and it would fold into about a 2 foot x 2 foot square table and I think you could drop them both to put it away like a TV tray… it was only 69.99.  I about grabbed that on my way out, but wanted to see what the family thought and to measure our deck first.

This is all from the Applaro collection… you can check it out here.


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