{ Gardening } What I have been up too …



My husband jokingly calls this … the “Taj Mahal” of raised gardens.  Last year we had a two tiered one … for the new house I thought this would be even better. Our goal is fill in the area inside the space made by the beds with a patio with either gravel or stone and a fire pit and some nice lounge chairs or Adirondack chairs.

We finished it today …. took almost 3 yards of organic topsoil/planting mix.   But I am so excited to get all the veggies in it that I have been collecting for a month.  And… hopefully my strawberries will fair better in the top tier … the critters are eating them all.

To border the veggies… I am totally in love with these violas. We are having a party in about a month and this is the color scheme — blues and yellow.  How cool an addition would these be.

Top photo and raised bed supplies from Frame It All. We bought the corners from them, but used our own untreated lumbar for the sides.


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