{ Journals } Sketchbook 2011 … I’m a Scavenger.

For my topic for the Sketchbook 2011 project, I chose I’m a scavenger.  At the time to me, it seemed like a good broad category that could easily be adapted to a lot of ideas.  Thankfully I grabbed it when I did as it soon disappeared from the choices list.

So, the first thing I did was take the pages out of the book.  As many people have mentioned, the original moleskine pages are kind of hard to work with because they are so thin.  In changing out the pages, I am probably going to loose the number of pages I have, but… I wanted to have I thick pages could use markers and stuff on.

Early this year I took a class with Mary Ann Moss, Remains of the Day, which is where I learned this technique from.  I cannot recommend this class more highly. I loved it.  Her journals are amazing and fit the theme of scavenger to a tee seeing as you are using bits of scraps of paper, envelopes, etc. You can check out her blog here.  So, to make my new pages I gathered papers from magazines, old books, scrapbook paper, and odds and ends from the house and cut the pages all the same size (a bit smaller actually) then the book. I ended up making two signatures of about 8 pages a piece, because that is really all that would fit back into the moleskine without ruining its size too much.  Once I had the two signatures organized, I used the pamplet technique from Mary Ann Moss’ class to bind the two signatures.

I then sewed them back into the moleskine.  I went ahead and reinforced the cover by using packing tape, so it wouldn’t rip when I sewed in the pages.

Once those were in place and secure, I then recovered the book’s cover with some scrapbook paper, taking care to leave the label on the back of the book with my info uncovered.

Here is my finished sketchbook ready for all the things that I find as I scavenger around the city, etc., for the next 4-5 months till I needs turned back in.

My idea is to chose about 5 scavenger hunt items to look for each month and I will write and put photos about that in the book.  I might even enlist some friends to hunt with me and see how wins.

Regardless, I am excited to have finally pushed myself and made one of these books.  I tend to over-analyze projects like this and this time I just decided to “just do it”… I didn’t really over-plan it, but set my sites on just getting it done.

I am definitely looking forward to not only filling this book, but also making more similar type journals.

Again, check out Mary Ann Moss’ class and blog, if you like this style of journal.  And if you haven’t signed up, go over to the Art House site and going the Sketchbook project 2011.

3 thoughts on “{ Journals } Sketchbook 2011 … I’m a Scavenger.

  1. lisbeth58bula says:

    OMG this gave me some further ideas for what to do, too. The pages let me down instantly. i’m used to abusing my journal pages with all kinds of stuff and I had to succumb to this see-through quality… Now I got some ideas in my head for how to work like I’m used to… Great blog!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great post, very inspiring! I recently ran across the Remains of the Day class and am just waiting for payday so I can buy it. I love your scavenger hunt idea and also that you’ve replaced the pages. I’ve heard some people are glueing the original pages together to make them thicker. When my book comes, I’ll decide what to do, but I really love your idea of totally replacing them. I can’t wait to see how your book progresses!

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