{ Holiday } ‘Keep Calm’ for the New Year

Craftily Ever After

Happy New’s Eve everyone!  Hope you have a safe and happy holiday evening!

Drop by Craftily Every After and pick up this free 8×10 little poster in her signature Keep Calm style.

And…to put you in the mood for the holiday, one of my favorite New Years Eve Songs:  My Dear Acquaintance – Regina Spektor


{ Food | Favorite Finds } A little bit of heaven …

Finally found a “gourmet” cupcake in the little town near us … that I actually really like the cupcakes from.  Wonderful frosting, crazy flavors, and moist cupcakes.  They are a bit small, but… honestly, that is about all you need at one sitting.

Eating one in the car because I couldn’t wait — this was Sugar Cookie. I would love to know how they got those sprinkles to set so perfectly on it.  Even after being bagged up and taken to the car…still picture perfect. (Android pic too.)

{ Favorite Finds } I *heart* tea …

Pottery Barn

So, I am kind of having a sad moment.  I had been in admiring this cute tea infuser from Pottery Barn, but when I went to order in December, it was backordered till March.  I went to write this post and now I see it is no longer available.. WAH!  Wonder what happened?

On a happy note, I ordered some new teas for the new year and for my week break from soda I intend to do the first week of the new year.  I am a huge fan of Teavana and so I decided to get myself some new flavors since I don’t know if I will be down in the city anytime soon to visit the store.


Ginseng Vitality Rooibos

I haven’t tried a Ginseng tea, but it sound like something to get the day going or to energize me in an afternoon slump.

Energizing ginseng combined with a zesty ginger root and soothing St. John’s Wort makes quite a tea! This combination naturally revitalizes, invigorates, and stimulates your body to get you moving. It’s a rare combination of health, wellness and flavor packed into one delectable and holistic tea.


Skinny Chai Pur-erh Black Tea

I have a bunch of their chai’s already which are my favorite, so I thought this would be a yummy addition, and twofold if it helps with weight loss.

Shed extra pounds with a blend so flavorful that it feels like cheating on your diet! Luscious berry flavors intermingle with bright chai spices for maximum taste and energy. Pu-erh is known as a weight loss tea. Contains nuts.

What are some of your favorite brands/flavors of tea?  I would love to branch out and try others!

{ Thoughts } The inbetween days…

heather pauline/flickr!.

Its that weird in between time of the year, … the week between Christmas and New years.  Where you feel like you have one foot in old year and the other almost in the new year.  I am one of those people who doesn’t necessarily take the time to sit and reflect on what has past, but I do usually use this time to organize my thoughts and think of what I would like to try to accomplish in the future.  I always feel like the New Year gives you a bit of a clean slate, kind of like a new school year for kids does.

So, … here is to whats left of the old and what’s to come in the new!!

{ Holidays } A white and chartreuse Christmas …

A little glimpse of our holiday home. I love white and chartreuse, which is apparent in our normal home’s decor, as well as the Christmas Tree.  After having a wonderful Martha Stewart white tree for many years that we finally had to retire last year (for yellowing), at the last minute I found this cheapy one from Wal-Mart.  Considering its 30 dollar price tag versus a new Martha Stewart tree in the 100’s, I figured I could work with it.  The gift wrap above is a holiday pattern from Target this year.  It is always one of my favorite things in November to see what prints Target will have for the holidays.

The tree is mainly decorated in turquoise, silver, chartreuse, and mercury glass ornaments, though there are a few Rankin Bass ornaments thrown in ( you can spy Kris Kringle and Hermie the dentist if you look hard) and some homemade ones as well.

The fireplace I wanted to do in Mercury glass this year, though I didn’t end up finding as many things as I had hoped.  The white bottle brush trees were a steal from Marshalls, only 6.99 each.  Next year I am planning to vintage them up a bit with some fake snow, silver glitter, and some beads.  The cool garland was another target find. I love how vintage the silver looks.

The stocking, I think, are all from Old Navy over the years. Usually I purchase a big real wreath for over the fireplace, but due to an unexpected trip out of town after Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to get one this year.  Here is how it looked last year (our first year in this house).

Hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our holiday home.


{ Food | Magazine } What Katie Ate magazine …

What Katie Ate

Popular Food blog “What Katie Ate” is always a delight for the eyes … but this Christmas ISSUU magazine is 495 pages of pure delight.  The photography, the recipes, the diversity from around the world.  Definitely a read to be savored over a tea or hot chocolate sitting by the fire.  If you register with ISSUU you can also download the magazine, (which you will want to do because you will be flagging every other page).  This is a blog you definitely will want to put in your reader.

{ Crafty / Holiday } Anthro + Pam Garrison = INSPIRATION

pam garrison

I literally gasped when I saw Pam Garrison’s interpretation of a felt garland from Anthropologie.  Where has this been all my Christmases? The white nontraditional holiday colors go perfectly with my Christmas design colors and …as you can tell from my posts, I seem to be obsessed with all things felt this year (will have to do a whole post on that).   The odd thing is, we have been in Anthropologie a ton this season and I have not noticed their garland at all, I wonder if it wasn’t in all of them?

From what I can tell you take a long strip of felt and you hang each leaf you have cut out (which look like the have a round area atop the leaf with a hole cut in) and hang them each on the felt strip. I love the way she added the felt balls and colored leaves and extras.  As much as I would love to do this project this season, … this might be something I hold off and do throughout the year in 2011 and put out next Xmas.

Last year Anthropologie inspired me to wrap presents using felt circles…. gotta love all their uses for felt.

{ Favorite Finds } Organic Holiday Kiss Kit

All The Better To Kiss You With® Certified Organic Holiday Kiss Kit – Abe’s Market

I am so excited to try these organic lip balms and share them in stockings this year.  The cute tins are just adorable and the flavors:  Pomegranate, mandarin chai, and peppermint are perfect for the season.  They are even on sale, with an additional discount if you refer three friends.  $16.20 plus…free ground shipping!

And while you are shopping, enjoy this holiday classic by Jason Mraz.