{ Crafty / Holiday } Anthro + Pam Garrison = INSPIRATION

pam garrison

I literally gasped when I saw Pam Garrison’s interpretation of a felt garland from Anthropologie.  Where has this been all my Christmases? The white nontraditional holiday colors go perfectly with my Christmas design colors and …as you can tell from my posts, I seem to be obsessed with all things felt this year (will have to do a whole post on that).   The odd thing is, we have been in Anthropologie a ton this season and I have not noticed their garland at all, I wonder if it wasn’t in all of them?

From what I can tell you take a long strip of felt and you hang each leaf you have cut out (which look like the have a round area atop the leaf with a hole cut in) and hang them each on the felt strip. I love the way she added the felt balls and colored leaves and extras.  As much as I would love to do this project this season, … this might be something I hold off and do throughout the year in 2011 and put out next Xmas.

Last year Anthropologie inspired me to wrap presents using felt circles…. gotta love all their uses for felt.


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