{ Holidays } A white and chartreuse Christmas …

A little glimpse of our holiday home. I love white and chartreuse, which is apparent in our normal home’s decor, as well as the Christmas Tree.  After having a wonderful Martha Stewart white tree for many years that we finally had to retire last year (for yellowing), at the last minute I found this cheapy one from Wal-Mart.  Considering its 30 dollar price tag versus a new Martha Stewart tree in the 100’s, I figured I could work with it.  The gift wrap above is a holiday pattern from Target this year.  It is always one of my favorite things in November to see what prints Target will have for the holidays.

The tree is mainly decorated in turquoise, silver, chartreuse, and mercury glass ornaments, though there are a few Rankin Bass ornaments thrown in ( you can spy Kris Kringle and Hermie the dentist if you look hard) and some homemade ones as well.

The fireplace I wanted to do in Mercury glass this year, though I didn’t end up finding as many things as I had hoped.  The white bottle brush trees were a steal from Marshalls, only 6.99 each.  Next year I am planning to vintage them up a bit with some fake snow, silver glitter, and some beads.  The cool garland was another target find. I love how vintage the silver looks.

The stocking, I think, are all from Old Navy over the years. Usually I purchase a big real wreath for over the fireplace, but due to an unexpected trip out of town after Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to get one this year.  Here is how it looked last year (our first year in this house).

Hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our holiday home.



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