{ Favorite Finds } I *heart* tea …

Pottery Barn

So, I am kind of having a sad moment.  I had been in admiring this cute tea infuser from Pottery Barn, but when I went to order in December, it was backordered till March.  I went to write this post and now I see it is no longer available.. WAH!  Wonder what happened?

On a happy note, I ordered some new teas for the new year and for my week break from soda I intend to do the first week of the new year.  I am a huge fan of Teavana and so I decided to get myself some new flavors since I don’t know if I will be down in the city anytime soon to visit the store.


Ginseng Vitality Rooibos

I haven’t tried a Ginseng tea, but it sound like something to get the day going or to energize me in an afternoon slump.

Energizing ginseng combined with a zesty ginger root and soothing St. John’s Wort makes quite a tea! This combination naturally revitalizes, invigorates, and stimulates your body to get you moving. It’s a rare combination of health, wellness and flavor packed into one delectable and holistic tea.


Skinny Chai Pur-erh Black Tea

I have a bunch of their chai’s already which are my favorite, so I thought this would be a yummy addition, and twofold if it helps with weight loss.

Shed extra pounds with a blend so flavorful that it feels like cheating on your diet! Luscious berry flavors intermingle with bright chai spices for maximum taste and energy. Pu-erh is known as a weight loss tea. Contains nuts.

What are some of your favorite brands/flavors of tea?  I would love to branch out and try others!


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