{ Thoughts } 11 things in 2011

photo by: Dainty Squid

I just want to share 11 things that are intriguing me in 2011.

  1. 365 Project: I have seen this done for years, usually of pictures of yourself, but I would like to do this more of just a random photo a day.  I usually end up doing this with my camera phone, but I would like to make more of a commitment to it this year.  I really liked this blog post about it on the Dainty Squid.
  2. Yoga: Really want to try to get more into this.
  3. Raw Foods/Clean foods:  Been playing around with this lifestyle for a few years and hoping to get into it more this year again. Having a family member currently struggling with cancer really wakes you up to the reality of how important nutrition is to our bodies and how healing it can be.
  4. Heritage Seeds (gardening):  If the government in the USA has their way, these will be illegal here soon. So grab as much as you can while they are still available.
  5. Baking Bread: I am seriously obsessed with this lately.  And,… I am horrible at it.  I can’t seem to get a biscuit to rise over a inch to save my life!
  6. Minimalism: Living with less.  Trying to clear out my space so that only the really important items remain.  Less Clutter.
  7. Project 333 seems intriguing, …where people chose 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes to wear in a three -month period and put all the rest away in a box.
  8. Traveling: Trying to make an effort to start traveling more. Make an effort to get my passport and start thinking of an international trip.
  9. Interior Design/decorating: We have been in our house a year and I have yet to paint a single wall.  Time to get committed to …just doing it!
  10. Evernote: The coolest organization program EVER! I use it on my computer and my Android phone, and I am excited to learn all the ways that it can keep my organized.
  11. . . . I think I am going to leave this one a wild card and come back at the end of the month and write down what I want it to be.

What kind of things are you currently intrigued/obsessed/enamored/loving this new year?


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