{ Gardening } … a little bit of spring from last year.

I loved these tulips, and I am kicking myself for pulling them out.  I thought I would want to redesign things in the garden so I pulled them all out to store, but… they got ruined.  Sigh.  I love how beautiful, dark green our yard looks.  I can only hope it looks that way this spring.  Fertilizer is going down tomorrow!

I think one or two of the dark burgundy ones  escaped my grasp last year and are coming through.  Its always fun when you plant tulips to see what strays turn up despite ones best effort to take them out.

In my gardening journal I have that I planted 40 crocus, 50 freesia, and 40 pastel tulips.  I also planted 4 of the gladiator alliums, and I am so excited to see if those actually grow.  They are the giant, dandelian flower looking bulbs on 3 foot stems in purple.  The look like this:

PHOTO: Fleur-de-Louis



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