{ Gardening } Why the blog has been neglected …

Since early March I have been busy tending to the little seedlings, pouring over seed catalogs, and trying to find different organic and heirloom plants for us to try this year.  I have never had the greatest luck with seeds, but it always fun to try, and I figure each year I will gain some experience to maybe, someday, be able to succeed at it.  In this tray is everything from cucumbers, to tomatoes, holy basil, and goji berries seedlings.   Sadly, I misjudged this neverending winter and put some lettuces and zucchini out that ended up (I think) perishing from the bite of light frost.  Our temps in NC have been jumping from 80s to 50s and down to 30s and back.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks we will be consistent.

The next seeds I am going to grab are these neon bright swiss chard seeds. I am hoping that in our climate they might be perennial.  How fun will these look planted in a border area under some apple trees?  A bright splash of color in a sea of green.


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