{ Gardening } New additions to the garden …

This weekend was an incredibly productive one in the garden.  I got a few new accessories for the porch, a 5 x 8 rug and a new plantar.  I wanted to keep the some strawberries a little closer to the house so perhaps the humans (darn birds are greedy) could have some of them.   I planted them with some moonflower I had grown with seed (to go up the trellis) and put in a handful of melon and watermelon seedlings since I have nowhere in the garden that I can really grow them.  I am hoping that they can thrive by spilling out of the plantar onto the deck area.

The plantar is one of those light-weight ones that look heavy by are less than 10 pounds when you pick them up.  I am not positive how long it will last in my 7B climate, but I am hoping I can get a season or two out of it.  I couldn’t pass the fun bright color up!  I might have to see if they have any smaller versions.  I have so many seedlings right now I can’t possible fit them all in the raised gardens.


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