{ Gardening } Salad from your backyard …

For the first time this year, I bought some lettuce from Home Depot to give lettuce/romaine a try and I am so excited with the results of these plants.  We have now eaten salads from the garden only (instead of buying the Earthbound Organic salad boxes which we love — 3.99) for about 3 weeks.  Its a little bit of a transition to different kind of green than you get in the stores, but its so exciting to just be able to go into the yard anytime we want a salad. I have not the foggiest idea why the heads are places so randomly, but I think it was because we still had the winter kale in when I put them in.  Each time I got out I pull off the outer leaves and I am just astounded by how fast new ones replace them.  I think, from my reading, that since the stems are getting taller that the romaine might be ready to bolt here soon, but I hope we can get a few more weeks before it gets bitter.

I have some kale and cimmaron lettuce seedings in there, but not sure if they will make it to full growth.

This week we finally started harvested our first bunch of spinach.  I am not sure how much longer it will grow well before the NC heat gets going. I will definitely be sure and get it in the ground sooner this year.  The best tip I got about growing spinach was that when it first comes up from seed, it will look like grass before it gets its first two round, spinach-like leaves.  I know I was probably pulling out all my spinach seedlings last summer thinking it was grass in my raised beds.  Live and learn!!


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