{ Gardening } What’s happening in the garden this weekend …

Over this long weekend I am hoping that we can make a dent in the boxwood/pea gravel patio that I am planning for the southeast side of the house by the existing wood deck.  We had purchased these wintergreen boxwoods on sale at Lowes for $3.33 a piece and originally had other plans for them, but decided to use them to surround an about 12 x 13 ft. patio.

Normally, I would do the gravel inlay part of the area first and then add the plants, but we have had them for a while and I knew I had to get them in the ground ASAP and we don’t have the time to tackle the gravel part yet.

Yesterday and today I started with the smallest section of the area.  Our new home came with sod, so the first thing was to take an edger and cut out the section of yard that I wanted to put the plants in.  Time consuming since I also have to avoid hitting the irrigation system, which the person who put it in did not give us a schematic of.

Before putting the boxwoods in, I amended our horrible clay soil with some good organic topsoil, and some peat moss to loosen it up a bit. I also added a bit of plantone plant food and mixed it all up, trying to break up the soil down about 6 inches or so and mixing all the dirt up before digging the final holes.

The edger shown above has to be my favorite purchase for the garden. Its a Radius Garden steel edger. I got it from amazon and it has done an amazing job keeping the sides of my beds tidy and keeping the sod and weeds from encroaching in. LOVE IT.

I got the black mulch on the area right as the rain started pouring, so no pictures of that section complete.  I am thinking of adding some sort of white flower around the outside edge facing the yard.    I am definitely not looking forward to tearing out the additional 150+ sqft of sod to finally work on the graveled in part.  Its in bad need of leveling/sloping too as right now that area just pools water, (which is part of the reason I wanted to add a patio there since the grass was not doing well).


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