{ Journals } Art journaling class with Ms. Moss

The new preview for Mary Ann Moss’ new class, Full tilt boogie is up:

She has a beautiful way of taking old albums and various pieces of paper, empherma, wall paper, and travel memorabilia and combining it all into amazing journals.  I have had a lot of clicks on my blog regarding her last class, which I took, Remains of the Day.  I am sure this will be similar, but with a fun twist as you can always expect for Ms. Moss.

More details on June 1st and the class begins June 17.  But, as she says on her blog, “FTB will be ongoing and open indefinitely.  You can revisit the videos and pdf’s as often as you like for as long as you like. (providing you don’t lose your password!)  Start immediately or watch the videos and let your ideas simmer for as long as you want.  No stress or guilt allowed.”  That is what I love about her classes, you can go at your own pace and look back at them time and time again.

You can see all the details on her blog here.

Photos: Mary Ann Moss, Dispatch from LA.


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