{ Thoughts } The 3/50 Project – shop local!

When I was checking the hours of an antique store that I wanted to find the hours of, I saw this graphic and a link.  Following it, I found this cool site, the350project.com, about buying local in your town and how the revenues stay in your community when you do.  The premise being the difference you could make if you spend $50 in three independently-owned businesses a month.

So I got to thinking, have I done that this month?  Seems like it is easier for me to accomplish this in the summer months with all the produce stands, but I can also think of a couple other places I can spend that year found.

1.  My favorite local-owned produce/garden supply store.

2.  A new yoga studio, owned by my neighbor down the street.

3.  Local antique malls.

4.  A cute cupcake shop that opened (nonchain).

Can you think of three businesses in your community that are locally-owned?  Perhaps you have even met the owners?  Think about spending $50 a month in each of those stores and support your local businesses.  If you would like more info on the project — check out How did The 3/50 Project begin?.


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