{ Anthropologie } Summer window decor

Photos: Anthropologie facebook

The creative minds at Anthropologie are at it again with the summer window displays.  As always using recycled or simple mediums in clever ways.  The above is done apparently with tissue paper circles.  Stunning.


3 thoughts on “{ Anthropologie } Summer window decor

  1. Cory Rish says:

    My Daugther just loved you Summer Window Decor and would like to use it around her Wedding Cake this May. Could you forward me the step by step instruction in how to make this. Thanks

    • ~K says:

      Hi Cory,

      They are some photos of the Anthropologie windows from last summer from their facebook page I think. If you google it you might find someone who has figured out how to make the design. Anthropologie themselves might be willing to help explain it too if you contact them or have one of their stores near you.

      Sincerely, Kristy

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