{ Gardening } Luncheon from the garden

With the cooler weather in NC, we were able to put some Romaine and lettuce seeds back into the garden.  I had planted some lettuce seeds a few weeks back and one day I looked and there they were, a light green ruffly type I have no idea what its called.  We got some more of the Romaine from Lowes and here soon we will have spinach from seeds again.  This spring was the first time I  grew spinach and it was amazing to not have to buy any greens. (Oh, my husband also had me grab some more kale plants, so we will soon have a whole bed of just yummy salad stuff.) This was my lunch today with a few pearly pink tomatoes and some basil.  I just got a new salad spinner (yes, I realize I am last one to the party on this great invention, though I had one in my 20s and don’t think I realized how awesome it was).   Needless to say, I love it, just take the bowl out to the garden, filler’ up, wash it, and spin away.  I also later added some cucumbers from the garden and some chives.  The only thing store bought was the cheddar cheese and salad dressing.  Yummy and cheap!


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