{ Home Decor } The bathroom aviary …

I have a confession.  We have lived in our current house for almost two years and in that time I haven’t painted a single wall.  I have mainly done furniture and nonpermanent decorating, … but I am ready to finally make some commitments.  So today, using my Pottery Barn quarterly coupon I finally broke down and committed to this really pretty Adrianne shower curtain for the bathtub.   I haven’t decided yet if I want to use it for the bathtub, or perhaps make curtains out of it for the two windows (the cheapest yardage of this fabric they have — its organic).  It was kind of a splurge even with the coupon, but its only sold online so a trip to my local store wasn’t an option.

We currently have the Neena quilt in the master bedroom and I felt, although another pattern, the Adrianne fabric was still in similar colors and feel.  They both have this dusty slate blue color, yellow, and a hint of pinky-coral.  You can’t see into the master bath from the bedroom, so hoping it will flow well visually.

I love the chubby cheek birds in the fabric and the oriental style flowers. I am hoping I can find perhaps a real orchid in that yellow or pink/coral color.

They carry this bathroom set, but I am not sure, worried its almost too matchy-matchy, though I think I might just get the  tall container piece.  I can’t understand why they haven’t realized that most of us use motorized toothbrushes that don’t fit in half of the toothbrush holders they make these days. 

How cute are those robin egg soaps?

This little dish is really cute.  Its only 19.00 with free shipping. Still at Pottery Barn.

Or perhaps have the bird motif in some artwork.  I love this artist, Geninne’s Etsy store full of beautiful prints.


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