{ Magazines } New inspiration mag — Mingle Magazine



Photo: Mingle Magazine 

I came across this new magazine/idea book by Stampington. Its kind of like the other various magazines like Where Women Cook, Artful blogging, etc. but this one is geared toward gatherings.  Off their website:

The much-anticipated premiere issue of Mingle is finally here! Readers will delight in all the fun and unique ideas for gathering and celebrating we’ve put together. From a Thankful for Friends party thrown in the woods to extraordinary tips for hosting exceptional gatherings with a creative flair, we’re hoping to inspire you to find more reasons and ways to celebrate. This issue also explores two intimate artistic retreats – Pen & Paper: A Be Present Retreat and Do What You Love.

Its about 140 pages and filled with really beautiful photography.  I am only about two stories in, but am enjoying it so far.  Its one of those magazines, that you keep for inspiration or cut apart and use the photos in your art journal or idea books.  As with the similar publications it is 14.95.


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