{ Home Decor } Vintage Clocks Finds

Photo:  Pottery Barn

For a while now I have been wanting to spruce up my bedside table with one of these classic clocks.   I think these old  (or new to look old)  clocks are so much classier than the new digital models we have now. So imagine my excitement while we were in a Veteran’s Thrift Store when I came across this clock… and for only 2.98$ … and it works.

I was worried at first that the ticking would be too loud next to my head, but it is a perfect white noise tick. You hardly even notice it till all is really still and you try.

Then, I was in our local Salvation Army and saw this little guy.  My daughter had mentioned she was thinking of doing a collection of them in her bedroom, so I picked i up.  It was only 99 cents. (sorry for bad phone photo).

Where as the one above I found was battery operated, this one is wind up operated.  Sadly, although it ticks (and ticks way too loud), it doesn’t keep accurate time.  However, I figure it would look cute in a collection or vignette just not wound up.


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