{ Seasons } In the cold of winter, …dream of spring.

Spring is in full bloom at the Gap already. There were several colors and style of these “wellies/galoshes”.

We have had an incredibly mild winter so far in the Carolinas.  So much so that I am still harvesting things from the garden. Radishes, carrots, lettuce, cilantro, are still growing and hanging in there despite some dips into the 30s at night.  I took advantage of a free afternoon and the last of the warm weather to put the neglected pomegranate and blueberry bushes into the ground.  I will say a little prayer that it wasn’t too late for them. I need the next few quiet months of winter to figure out all I want to accomplish in the garden this spring.  With our new fence, the possibilities are endless for our little oasis of a backyard.  The goal is finding a way to organize my ideas and make them a reality.

So even though Spring is appearing in the retail stores, I am happy its a few months away! I always enjoying the “nesting” that happens in January and February.

Pulled from the garden this weekend.

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