{ Thrifting } Mirror, Mirror…. new vintage find

I am so excited about this latest find.  It was in Goodwill.  We went in and as I walked up I always do my usual game of “wonder how much it will be” and I probably shreaked in delight when I saw this one was low-balled at only 9.99.  Its hard to tell in the picture, but it is almost three feet wide at the greatest part.  I think it was probably once part of this kind of vanity

Photo: Here

It was one of those buys where I was thinking, ” I don’t know what I am going to do with it, but I am buying it anyway and will FIND something.”  The mirror is in relatively good shape with only a few parts that have lost their mirror coating, but I think it adds to the piece.  I figure if I can’t figure out a way to add it to a dresser, I could always just use the round mirror on its own.

Anyone else find any good finds this weekend thrifting?


One thought on “{ Thrifting } Mirror, Mirror…. new vintage find

  1. L says:

    Ooooh it’s fantastic! Art deco-y. Would love to see a photo of its resting place in your home 🙂
    I found a 1950s pink steel drinks trolley for five dollars last week!
    You can how it looks scrubbed up on my blog, xo

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