{ Journal/Classes } Art Journaling All Year

Photo/Class:  Red Velvet

I am really excited to take this class done by Elsie and Rachel over at Red Velvet Its only $30 and has 52 different prompts for ideas for your art journal for the whole year (or 52 days in a row if you are so inclined).

This course offers 52 art journaling sessions, giving you a weekly challenge for an entire year! Each session includes: a journaling challenge, encouraging you to write and stretch your journaling skills; as well as an art challenge, pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping you create beautiful pages you can cherish and be proud of.

For the past three years, I have been using EcoSystem Artist Notebooks for my art journals/idea books.  I was originally attracted by the bright turquoise color of the almost 8 x 10 book (they have a lot of fun, bright colors), and as an added bonus, they are 100% recycled.  They also have a code inside the book that you can register and if you were to loose it, then person finding it could go to the site, plug in the number, and find you. Its soft bound with a flexi-cover and lends well to over-stuffing the pages with clippings, art, etc.

They used to sell them at Barnes and Noble, but this year I ended up purchasing mine online at Amazon.  Here’s a few iPhone pix of years 2010, 2011, 2012 (the flat one that I haven’t started.)

I am not much of a journaler, so most of my pages are magazine clippings and art from various sources, mixed in with movie tickets.  I cut out snippets from magazine articles that i like, recipes, etc.   To do list for parties and home decor projects that I am working on often make it in. I love to garden, so different things I find on cool seeds, flowers and plants are also tossed in there.

Sketch of the tables for graduation party along with the prices, then below is a picture from the actual event.

Mostly the journal holds on the inspiration I find in print media and scraps from daily life.  I am looking forward to taking the class above though to help me think outside of the box and add even more creative things to it.


2 thoughts on “{ Journal/Classes } Art Journaling All Year

  1. toliveinspired says:

    I am taking this class too! I have been visual journaling for around 2 years or less now but I have found this to push my outside of my usual to stretch my creative brain a bit! Your blog is lovely, I will be adding it to my google reader ;-D

  2. L says:

    Great to see someone recommend this course. I’m currently doing bloglove and dream business e-course both by Red Velvet and I’m loving both of them! Thanks for the informative post. I think this will be next on my ‘to purchase’ list!
    Hope you’re having a great day
    xo Laura

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