{ Seasons } It’s officially Autumn …

In my mind when all the pumpkin spice items start hitting the stores.

One of my favorites is always the pumpkin spice chais from various coffee places. Recently I had read about a Canadian tea company called David’s tea and decided to check them out.  They have the most unusual flavors of teas, and they go one step further and add some crazy things in like sprinkles and in this case pumpkin candies.  Although pumpkin chai is easy to find from coffee places, it is much harder to find as tea you can brew at home.  Many of the grocery store brands are sold out around here when you can find them.

So, I was excited to see David’s sells their own pumpkin chai.  What I love about it is that it isn’t one of those “knock you off your feet” chais that you almost need to follow with a glass of water.  It’s more subtle and creamy.  I could drink 2-3 cups in a sitting.  David’s recommends you try it with a spoonful of brown sugar and a bit of milk. I ordered the 100 gm size (13.50 with 5.00 shipping) and they threw in that cute silver tin above with the label.   They also added three additional samplers of their teas, which look like they would make two servings each.  How generous!!

Do you have any favorite brew-at-home pumpkin spice tea brands? Would love to hear your suggestions.


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