{ DIY } Ice Parlor Chair goes modern

Earlier this summer I came across this forlorn looking ice cream parlor chair in Goodwill.  For 7.99 I figured I could find it a good home as a vanity chair or even outside on the porch. I started by sanding it down to get off all the rust and ketshup (there was a lot of ketchup on this chair).   I then sprayed it with white Kryon spray paint.  It took only one can.

Next, I had to take the layers of fabric coverings off of the seat. I was shocked to find three layers.  The top two were plastic coated table cloth like fabrics, but the bottom layers was a vintage looking cotton fabric.

Where I encountered more ketchup.  Taking all the layers off took a lot longer than I had anticipated, merely because there were so many staples sticking out by then.  When this last layer came off there was a nice foam circle underneath that was in great shape so I left that layer.  I had searched for quite a while  to find the perfect fabric to match my curtains in the master bath to make this a vanity stool.  I had thought about using a towel fabric, but then I saw this perfect mustard, nubby yellow fabric in the fabric store.  The sales lady told me it was on sale for 7.99, but when I checkout out I realized the half yard run up only 97 cents.  Now I wish I had bought more. I simply cut around the circle and then I went around the circle pulling the fabric tight and used a staple gun to fix it down.

Finally all dressed up the new/old chair looks like this and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I think with paint and fabric it ended up costing me less than 16 dollars.

I love the transformation.


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