{ Holidays } Pompom Christmas


This year I saw that Anthropologie was having one of the craft-y gatherings and they were going to be working on pompoms ornaments.


Sadly there wasn’t one at my local Anthro’s, but I thought it would be fun to play with pompom ornaments anywhere, so I purchased a pom pom maker at Hobby Lobby.  The one I got was about 9.99 (and then a 40% off coupon) and it has 4 sizes of hoops to make them on.

DesignLoveFest sponsored the event and she has a great DIY on how to make them on her blog.


I made a garland as a gift even …


I only did my pom poms using one kind of yarn, or a yarn that changed colors, but I like the way they used various yarns and gave it a more multicolored look.  I will have to try that next.  Its a great craft to do while watching TV or a movie and they really do not take that long to make.  I like how in the Anthropologie ornaments they added some of the mettalic craft pom poms you can buy premade in walmart and craft stores and stacked them on top of the pompom.


There are a lot more fun photos of the pom poms at DesignLoveFest.


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