{ Gardening } Lantern Hooks


Like many of you, I spend tons of time pinning on Pinterest, and many of the things I pin, I really hope to try and make in the future.  So, my Pin It – Make It  posts will be my incentive to start working on trying some of the things I have pinned, be it crafts, recipes, photo op ideas, etc.

One of my favorite pins I came across was one where the person used plant hooks to hang lanterns along their fence for ambiance (see below).  Although I was unable to find cool black old fashioned lanterns like they did, I decided to use mason jars which we already had from previous outdoor parties.Joel's Outdoor Lighting

The plant hooks we used came from Lowes and run around 3.50 to 5.00.  We put two on the left and right side fences in our yard and put three along the back fence.   Here is a picture of one done up for the Sail Away graduation party mentioned a few posts ago.

When not in use, I just bring the mason jars inside so they don’t fill with rain water.



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