{ Thrifting } Sunday finds …

goodwill-inspirationnotebookToday my daughter talked me into doing a  quickie Goodwill run.  We had no idea they didn’t open till noon, and were surprised upon getting there at 11:57 that there was a line of people.  Not sure if it was that they, like us, didn’t know when it opened or if we had stumbled on what some might consider a “better caliber” thrifting day we went on in.  We had just been saying how our bathroom needed a medicine cabinet and there it sat, a little dirty, but only 9.99.  Beside it laid this 4 foot tall frame, shockingly only priced 12.95 (our Goodwill’s prices have been getting a little bit high-priced lately so I was shocked).  Whether we keep this frame this way or not, it was in good shape and a cool size.    Right in the same area sat this porcelain what I would call a “strawberry pot”, but oddly it doesn’t have any drainage holes.  The center areas has a pot that fits in it, or looks like it could be used as a deep vase.  It even has those small open areas with no holes.  I am stumped how you are to use it unless it is some kind of really clever vase for putting all sizes of flowers in.   I see it maybe working with succulents since they take little water.  If anyone has any idea, I would love to hear how you think this is to be used.  At 7.99, I coudn’t pass it up.  Its too cool.

Total time in and out: 12 minutes!


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