{ Gardening } Lantern Hooks


Like many of you, I spend tons of time pinning on Pinterest, and many of the things I pin, I really hope to try and make in the future.  So, my Pin It – Make It  posts will be my incentive to start working on trying some of the things I have pinned, be it crafts, recipes, photo op ideas, etc.

One of my favorite pins I came across was one where the person used plant hooks to hang lanterns along their fence for ambiance (see below).  Although I was unable to find cool black old fashioned lanterns like they did, I decided to use mason jars which we already had from previous outdoor parties.Joel's Outdoor Lighting

The plant hooks we used came from Lowes and run around 3.50 to 5.00.  We put two on the left and right side fences in our yard and put three along the back fence.   Here is a picture of one done up for the Sail Away graduation party mentioned a few posts ago.

When not in use, I just bring the mason jars inside so they don’t fill with rain water.



{ Entertaining } Sail Away Graduation Bash


We recently threw a graduation party for my youngest daughter, which I had such a great time planning and decorating.  It was a pink and navy/nautical theme.  We had a tent, 36 inch balloons, fun fabric strip backdrop for a photo booth and fire pit with hay bails topped with quilts for smores and conversation.

{ Anthropologie Love } Adorable ceramic farmer’s market baskets

Photos:  Anthropologie 

I was so excited to see Anthro carrying this ceramic produce holder this year and even more excited to see that the small one is in an aqua blue.  The white one is larger, and sells for $20, while the smaller blue one is $14.

How fun will it be to take these out to the garden and hand pick the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in these?  And they are equally functional allowing you to both rinse and serve the berries in them!  I definitely will be making a run to Anthro this weekend to pick these up.

{ Crafty } Princess Lasertron’s Felt floral bouquets

Photos: Princess Lasertron.

I am in complete awe at the unique bouquets there are today compared to when i got married.  I just love these felt bouquets by Princess Lasertron.  Having two daughters… I love keeping all these ideas in my head for the weddings some day.  The craftmanship ….what a wonderful momento of your wedding.

She also has a kit where you can make a 10″ bouquet yourself.

{ Entertaining } …Utterly Engaging…

Photo: Utterly Engaged.

If you have never come across it, definitely go check out the Utterly Engaged website.  Their Ezine rivals any bridal/special occasion magazine you see on the shelves.  So full of amazing details for not only brides, but anyone who loves to entertain, do DIY projects, flowers, photography etc.   There are eight issues to keep you inspired and in awe of the creative people they have found.

{ Thrifting/Entertaining } … inspired by Alice.

When looking for party decorations for my daughter’s surprise party the night of the opening of Alice in Wonderland, I came across this little white teapot at Goodwill ($4.99…which I thought was a bit pricy, but I was in a hurry and grabbed it).  The teacups were .49 cents apiece … grabbed four sets of those.  Since my grocery store didn’t have a pale yellow, I went with the white flowers then had on sale (12 for 5.00– steal).  I think I ended up loving the monochromatic look even better than the yellow.

…if you can’t tell, I would have loved to have done party planning in another life.

Even if none of the party-goers noticed the arrangements, I had a lot of fun thrifting and styling this cute little vignette.  I will do another post about all the good finds I got that day.  It was definitely a GOOD thrift day.

{ Entertaining/Food } … the fabulous neon rainbow cake.

So, this cake found on the Whisk Kid blog (with instructions) was the inspiration for my daughter’s birthday cake.  When I first saw it online, I thought baking the separate layers and mixing up the colors would be the tricky part.

We started with the following (I chose to go the quick and easy box method way).

Then, we poured equal amounts into 8 bowls and added the funky neon food coloring (not shown).  I wish I had more available colors of food coloring though, and will definitely acquire some next time.  You then put that batter into individual pans.  I did 8.

We ended up baking them for 15 minutes, which was about 10 minutes less than the normal recipe called for.

(Sorry I didn’t take any pix of building the cake…it was a bit messy). Here is where the cake got difficult I thought.  I didn’t spend enough time researching before I jumped into this and I found out one tip too late.  When the cake bakes, it naturally gets a bit mounded on the top.  The bottom will be perfectly flat, but you need to try to slice the mounded portion off each layer of your cake so that both sides are flat.  I didn’t know this, and the result is a lopsided cake.  You don’t need to worry that the top of the cake is no longer smooth because the icing will be on top of it.   We used a cream cheese frosting, … but next time I think I will go with a buttercream, because there is a bit of a tartness to cream cheese frosting that gets a bit overwhelming when you have soooo much of it.

The next tricky part I thought was frosting the sides and tops.  I can tell if you do it enough, you probably can get the technique down, but… it was definitely a learning experiencing on this cake.

The fun thing about the rainbow cake I think is that from the outside, … no one has any idea the craziness that hides beneath the frosting.

In my case, it just looked like a poorly done homemade cake!  I was so excited to find this perfect glass cake stand that morning at Goodwill (thrifting post coming soon).  It really helped to make my cake look fancier and gave me space to do the blue frosting at the bottom.  That is my daughter cutting into the cake … she still didn’t know what kind it was.  Nice hefty piece she was dishing out.

So, even though this cake looks a bit daunting to make, I want to encourage everyone to try it once.  It was a lot of fun to make, and even yummier to eat.  Next, time I think I want to try more typical rainbow colors, but this was a unique version.