{ Thrifting } Sunday finds …

goodwill-inspirationnotebookToday my daughter talked me into doing a  quickie Goodwill run.  We had no idea they didn’t open till noon, and were surprised upon getting there at 11:57 that there was a line of people.  Not sure if it was that they, like us, didn’t know when it opened or if we had stumbled on what some might consider a “better caliber” thrifting day we went on in.  We had just been saying how our bathroom needed a medicine cabinet and there it sat, a little dirty, but only 9.99.  Beside it laid this 4 foot tall frame, shockingly only priced 12.95 (our Goodwill’s prices have been getting a little bit high-priced lately so I was shocked).  Whether we keep this frame this way or not, it was in good shape and a cool size.    Right in the same area sat this porcelain what I would call a “strawberry pot”, but oddly it doesn’t have any drainage holes.  The center areas has a pot that fits in it, or looks like it could be used as a deep vase.  It even has those small open areas with no holes.  I am stumped how you are to use it unless it is some kind of really clever vase for putting all sizes of flowers in.   I see it maybe working with succulents since they take little water.  If anyone has any idea, I would love to hear how you think this is to be used.  At 7.99, I coudn’t pass it up.  Its too cool.

Total time in and out: 12 minutes!


{ DIY } Ice Parlor Chair goes modern

Earlier this summer I came across this forlorn looking ice cream parlor chair in Goodwill.  For 7.99 I figured I could find it a good home as a vanity chair or even outside on the porch. I started by sanding it down to get off all the rust and ketshup (there was a lot of ketchup on this chair).   I then sprayed it with white Kryon spray paint.  It took only one can.

Next, I had to take the layers of fabric coverings off of the seat. I was shocked to find three layers.  The top two were plastic coated table cloth like fabrics, but the bottom layers was a vintage looking cotton fabric.

Where I encountered more ketchup.  Taking all the layers off took a lot longer than I had anticipated, merely because there were so many staples sticking out by then.  When this last layer came off there was a nice foam circle underneath that was in great shape so I left that layer.  I had searched for quite a while  to find the perfect fabric to match my curtains in the master bath to make this a vanity stool.  I had thought about using a towel fabric, but then I saw this perfect mustard, nubby yellow fabric in the fabric store.  The sales lady told me it was on sale for 7.99, but when I checkout out I realized the half yard run up only 97 cents.  Now I wish I had bought more. I simply cut around the circle and then I went around the circle pulling the fabric tight and used a staple gun to fix it down.

Finally all dressed up the new/old chair looks like this and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I think with paint and fabric it ended up costing me less than 16 dollars.

I love the transformation.

{ Crafty } Long time no blog & amazing installation


Its been a long time since I have posted.  Lots of thrifting and projects around the house as well as working and enjoying the summer.  But, with school back in session, and lots of projects winding up, I thought it was a good time to start the blog back up and share all the cool items I have found and newest inspiration.

The first is this stunning installation and DIY post by Emily Henderson on how to make this amazing mason jar installation.  I am obsessed with mason jars and all you can do with them.  I found a really large unique one this summer and it is sitting on our mantle with some fall foliage in it.   I can’t wait to try painting the inside of one though.

{ Thrifting } Who says you can’t find quality in Goodwill?

Today I wasn’t super hopeful of finding much at Goodwill.  I had wandered around a bit and it was really bare in there.  However, I looked down and noticed some chunky white plates on my way out.  I love anything white for the kitchen, so I picked up the four plates and headed to the door.  It wasn’t until I was waiting in the line that I flipped them over and realized they were porcelain plates from Crate and Barrel.  It looks like they might be from the Cafeware II dinnerware set — so about $4.50 retail.  Thankfully my store didn’t up price them on that account and I walked out with the four for $2.10.

Since you can still buy them online, I might have to look into buying four more to match.  Because a girl can never have too many chunky white dinner plates at 90% off.

{ Thrifting } Mirror, Mirror…. new vintage find

I am so excited about this latest find.  It was in Goodwill.  We went in and as I walked up I always do my usual game of “wonder how much it will be” and I probably shreaked in delight when I saw this one was low-balled at only 9.99.  Its hard to tell in the picture, but it is almost three feet wide at the greatest part.  I think it was probably once part of this kind of vanity

Photo: Here

It was one of those buys where I was thinking, ” I don’t know what I am going to do with it, but I am buying it anyway and will FIND something.”  The mirror is in relatively good shape with only a few parts that have lost their mirror coating, but I think it adds to the piece.  I figure if I can’t figure out a way to add it to a dresser, I could always just use the round mirror on its own.

Anyone else find any good finds this weekend thrifting?

{ Thrifting } My latest finds

Last’s weeks drop by into Goodwill was a good one.  Let me start by saying, it seems that the Goodwill I go to doesn’t really have much rhyme or reason for choosing their prices on furniture items that come in.  My first stop is always the frame sections and as I was looking, there were framed prints and empty frames priced 7.99-18.99, etc.  I pulled back this cool mirror expecting a 20+ price tag to find it to be $5.99.  SOLD.  Its almost 3 feet wide at the biggest part and in perfect condition.  Next, its hard to see, but there is a cream and green pottery planter beneath the plant.  It was priced at a little higher 1.99, but it matched my color scheme perfect and I figured why not with the savings off the mirror.

Does anyone else have Goodwill’s that seem to have an arbitrary pricing system?

{ Travel } Visiting Red Velvet …

We got to visit Red Velvet on a recent trip to my hometown.

Went in and took photos with Emma and Elsie, and then walked outside to see this adorable car.

From there it was down C-street to hit the vintage thrift stores, where we found a really cool camera, a Kodak Retinette 1A, which I promptly bought some film for today and cannot wait to try it out and see if it works (photo soon).  Then finished up a fun trip downtown by grabbing some cupcakes at the Cup.

All of the photos were shot with the Retro Cam app for Android.  I had such a fun time using that throughout our vacation.

{ Thrifting } Going somewhere?

I found a nice pile of vintage suitcase in the antique store today. I love old luggage, the quality,the glamor, the thought put into mirrors and compartments. Traveling back then was so classy. Remember when you would dress up to fly somewhere?  I do, even into the 80s.  Now, we all wear sweats.

I ended up buying the two on the left. Probably should have grabbed that hat box as well.

{ Thrifting } Serendipitous finds …

I stopped by one of the nearby Goodwill’s on my way home from running errands.  Usually this store is my “lucky” store where I have found a lot of really good stuff.  Today things looked fairly picked over, but I had time to browse instead of my usual race through.  When I saw the pitcher above it was turned backwards so I  was thinking it was just a clear pitcher, which immediately made me think of a bedside table vignette, like this amazing pottery barn roomscape.

Imagine my surprise when I spun it around and noticed it had my first initial on it.   For 1.99, …. it gave me a huge smile!  Our master bedroom has pretty much been put on hold while we decorate the downstairs. …. but I will keep that little gem in a safe place until it can be put out in the room.

{ Thrifting/Entertaining } … inspired by Alice.

When looking for party decorations for my daughter’s surprise party the night of the opening of Alice in Wonderland, I came across this little white teapot at Goodwill ($4.99…which I thought was a bit pricy, but I was in a hurry and grabbed it).  The teacups were .49 cents apiece … grabbed four sets of those.  Since my grocery store didn’t have a pale yellow, I went with the white flowers then had on sale (12 for 5.00– steal).  I think I ended up loving the monochromatic look even better than the yellow.

…if you can’t tell, I would have loved to have done party planning in another life.

Even if none of the party-goers noticed the arrangements, I had a lot of fun thrifting and styling this cute little vignette.  I will do another post about all the good finds I got that day.  It was definitely a GOOD thrift day.